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The Ultimate Business Continuity Toolkit

Planning and counseling for business continuity are difficult tasks. We, therefore, wanted to provide you with rapid access to FREE solutions to aid with your company's disaster recovery, business continuity, and organizational resilience. It always pays to have readily available information,...

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10 Questions you need to ask when buying Business Continuity Management Software

Knowing what questions to ask can make the decision on whether or not or which business continuity or disaster recovery planning software system to purchase easier. It doesn't have to be a leap of faith if you ask the right questions.

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Camels, and Astronauts, and Resilience... Oh My!

You may have noticed we launched a new look and feel at Virtual Corporation, that we think better matches our philosophy and even lets us have a little fun. I thought I would explain our thought process on our new imagery and organizational resilience planning overall.

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