Business Continuity Virtual Event - Organizational Resilience Planning - DRJ Fall Event

Virtual Corporation is excited to be a Silver sponsor at DRJ Fall 2021. Stop by our virtual booth to learn about how Virtual Corporation specializes in partnering to develop and sustain repeatable, practical continuity capabilities. Learn more about how our methods, software tools, and templates are highly scalable and easy to use across sectors at this one-of-a-kind business continuity event. 

For more information about DRJ Fall 2021, check out the website here.

DRJ Fall 2021 Virtual Experience

Business Continuity- Our team of consultants provide guidance, can test your plans, share our proven methods and are ready to support you in your BCM planning. From program administration to recovery, we got you covered! 

Sustainable Planner- Our intuitive, flexible BCP software solution is customizable to meet your company's needs and provide the framework you need for building actionable organizational resilience & business continuity planning.

Disaster Recovery- Virtual Corporation provides the most thorough and effective disaster recovery consulting services for organizational resilience planning. We align industry best practices and develop recovery strategies to anticipate and mitigate losses.

Business Continuity as a Service- Virtual Corporation Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) provides professional support for business continuity programs and software tools that transition BCM management responsibility from the client to Virtual Corporation. 

We offer a variety of engagement options, so you can custom-design your BCaaS service and, add value to your organization by:

  • Improving your Business Continuity Management capabilities
  • Reducing operating cost variability
  • Increasing your focus on core competencies
  • Gaining peace of mind knowing that your Business Continuity program follows industry best practices
  • Leveraging the depth and breadth of the Virtual Managed Services Team

Cybersecurity- We have a systematic approach to cybersecurity and risk management services that help businesses to minimize possible data breaches, protect against security threats, and maintain a healthy online presence.

About Virtual Corporation

Virtual Corporation is a business continuity management & organizational resilience industry leader in software and consulting. We assist private, public & government organizations with all aspects of continuity, recovery & resilience planning. We help our clients design, implement & continuously enhance dynamic BCM and resilience programs that center on identifying, mitigating & acting upon prioritized risks across your enterprise. Virtual Corporation uniquely leverages its expertise in Business Continuity & organizational resilience consulting to ensure that every effort is sustainable, well documented, & effective in the face of unforeseen events. A leading implementer of enterprise BC programs, we also assist with BIAs, site vulnerability assessments, crisis management & incident command exercises & drills. Our solutions include the Business Continuity Maturity Model® & Sustainable Planner®, our highly customizable web-based software tool.

About Disaster Recovery Journal

Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) delivers how-to, in depth knowledge into business continuity planning more than any other business publication. This unique ability to take readers further inside the issues has made DRJ the #1 read business continuity publication in the world, one with a circulation and audience that consistently dominates the business continuity magazine field. Add to this strength that DRJ has a  consistently higher ad recall than competitors in every major advertising category and the DRJ advantage becomes clear.

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