PPT: You missed the meeting… and now you’re in charge of business continuity!  What’s next?

Free_Business_Continuity_consultation.pngUgh! Sometimes managing business continuity and organizational resilience feels like you missed the meeting and were elected in absentia. Don't worry.  This fun and educational powerpoint presentation can help guide you in what you need to know to begin business continuity or organizational resilience planning in 5 easy steps, such as:

Step 1: Assess your situation

Step 2: Define organizational resilience

Step 3: Gather your critical data & determine your risk

Step 4: Gain executive buy-in

Step 5: Determine your strategy

Step 6: Build your program

Step 7: Do’s & Don’ts

Some key take aways for BCM planning success include:
  • Accurate information is critical to justifying, building & maintaining your program
  • Know your organization’s appetite for risks & its current capabilities for response & recovery
  • Have a process to rapidly collect information & use it to build an appropriately scaled & achievable program for your organization.

Looking for more business continuity PPTs? Feel free to download 5 Steps to Build Executive Engagement of your Business Continuity Plan from the link below.

PPT: 5 Steps to Build Executive Buyin of BCM


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