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The Ultimate Business Continuity Toolkit

Ultimate Business Continuity Toolkit
Business continuity planning and consulting isn't easy. So we wanted to give you quick access to FREE tools to help you optimize business continuity, organization resilience & disaster recovery in your company. Whether you are a BC newbie or one of the original inventors of BCM and organizational resilience :) - it always helps to have handy resources.  Go ahead and bookmark this page and share with your BC colleagues and friends. If you would like further information about business continuity management, contact Virtual Corporation today. 

1.  Free (really) Business Continuity PPTs

PPT presentations are a quick way to learn and a great way to illustrate your business continuity through leadership.  Here are four free PPTs to add to your resource library:

2.  White Paper: Building an Army of Engaged Resilience Planners

Learn how eBay's risk management team discovered the cause of lack of engagement & determined the best approach to motivate their team for a successful enterprise-wide BCM planning project by Building Engagement .
Learn more about our business continuity management solutions

3.  Business Continuity Terms Every Newbie needs to know

Whether your company calls it business continuity, organizational resilience, disaster recovery, risk management, or continuity of operations, there are very important commonly used terms every beginner needs to know to achieve a sustainable program. Consider this a Business Continuity Terminology cheat sheet!

4.  The Business Continuity Management Rookie Playbook

If you are new to Business Continuity or trying to re-energize a static program, there are some common beginner mistakes you need to be aware of & seek to avoid. Many continuity professionals have fallen for their traps but that was all before the BCM Rookie Playbook.

5.  Dynamic Continuity Fact Sheet

Don't settle for a static continuity plan collecting dust.  If you already have a BCM program in place, would you say it's robust or stuck in the year it was created?

6.  The Business Continuity Maturity Model®

The Business Continuity Maturity Model ( BCMM® ) is a globally recognized standard for evaluating your business continuity & organizational resilience program. This assessment tool provides a consistent & objective means for evaluating a company’s state of preparedness and answers the questions:
  • How prepared are we?
  • What is the target we want to achieve?
  • What do we do to get there?

7.  The Continuity Community

It may feel like you're all alone in the world of organizational resilience but there are a few websites who, like us, want you to achieve your continuity goals. Check out ACP DRJ , DRI & Continuity Insights for industry news, webinars & other helpful tips & tricks. 
Now go off & use these free materials to build a business continuity management & resilience program that is dynamic & sustainable. If you have questions or want to learn more about business continuity management tools or Virtual Corporation, feel free to contact us with your questions.

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