Are You a Business Continuity Ninja?

Do you have what it takes to be Ninja ready?

Are you ready for ANY disaster? Do you have ninja-like reflexes? Is your superpower business continuity? You may not be able to anticipate and avert a crisis every time but do you know how to expect the unexpected...

In too many cases, some quite recently, the worst possible risks tend to be something that no one saw coming. Foresight can be effective only in situations where we know with high probability the worst risks we face, and we can apply that knowledge to avoid or mitigate negative outcomes. Unfortunately, without the help of the skill set listed below, avoidance and mitigation aren’t always possible. The recent natural disasters in California and Florida, as well as the data breach at Facebook, bring to mind the ever-increasing need for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. There isn't a year that goes by unscathed. It's a global issue! Do you have the four skills to face the unexpected head on? Learn more below and make sure to contact Virtual Corp today to further enhance the organizational resilience of your business.


Anticipate the end result of disasters, that is, worst case scenarios or negative impacts on your business or operations. What would you do if your IT infrastructure was compromised? What happens if your facility disappeared or was inaccessible? You don’t have to anticipate the actual event. The key is to see it from the end result and work backward. Put measures in place to mitigate the impact or optimize recovery. Look at operational impact from every angle – financial, supply chain, distribution, staffing, technology… you get the picture.


This is where you get to use your business continuity ninja reflexes and superpowers– such as your education, experience, and analytical skills. Review scenarios that you have already experienced.  Run through the paces of those events. What were the results? What were the lessons learned? What best practices have you uncovered? Take time to look at your own business continuity arsenal for the answers that can help you mitigate, avoid, anticipate, and recover in the future.


Communication is essential. Talk to LOTS of people. What best practices can you learn from your peers? What are the priorities that matter most to each department? What are the lessons we can learn from current events? Talking to everyone and researching current/past disasters can shed new light and a different perspective on potential disruptive events that could impact the organization. It’s always better to learn from someone else’s mistake. Are you attending the 2019 Users Group Conference? It's definitely a great way to gain new insight from peers across business sectors.


We know, you know to not wait for a disaster to strike to begin a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. You're smart and proactive, so it's up to you to gather the troops, from the top of the organization and across all departments. Include each stakeholder in the organization. Business Continuity needs to be a priority for everyone, you just get to be the champion! The process involves all departments working together to develop an integrated, actionable plan. Everyone has a  stake in the plan’s success. Everyone has a stake in the organization’s success. As a group, you can better determine and expect what might otherwise have been unexpected.

Interested in attending this year's Users Group Conference to strengthen your "superpower," sharpen your skills and gain new learnings? Click to learn more and register you and your team! Full agenda will be live at the end of January.

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