Infographic: 5 ways to assure optimal outcomes from your resilience plan

Are you getting optimal outcomes for your organizational resilience & business continuity plans?  Do you even have a way to measure this?  Don't worry, we have a short infographic that can show you the 5 things you need to consider when managing a disaster recovery & organizational resilience program.

This infographic demonstrates these 5 critical components:

  1. Design for repeatability
  2. Anticipate change
  3. The roles in the enterprise
  4. Build engagement
  5. Analytics

Here is our visual take on 5 must haves for optimal outcomes!



Don't forget to track & analyze!  Staying on top of your plan not only helps you maintain a dynamic business continuity plan, it also givesyou the opportunity to report your success to your entire enterprise.  Let everyone know how resilient the organization is.


Yes, we know there is a lot more involved in a resilience program & don't worry, we plan on addressing every single one in future blog posts.  So for now, be sure to include these 5 components.

If you would like more information on the most flexible & dynamic business continuity & organizational resilience planning software, be sure to check out Sustainable Planner.


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