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Scott Ream

Scott Ream
Scott is the founder of Virtual Corporation & the lead creator of the business continuity maturity model. Scott knows business continuity, disaster recovery & organizational resilience so well, that he has been known to solve client challenges in his sleep.

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7 Steps to BIGLY build a business continuity management program

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 15, 2016 12:02:00 PM / by Scott Ream posted in Resilience, organizational resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery, BCMM

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Effectively fulfilling your role as a business continuity executive means not only understanding your organization’s ability to remain resilience in the face of any disruptive event or disaster, but also proactively contributing, sanctioning and enforcing an effective business continuity program.  I put together a short outline of steps you should take as you build your business continuity management program.

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8 Corporate Incompetencies of Business Continuity Planning

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 4, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Scott Ream posted in Resilience, organizational resilience, business continuity, building engagement, project planning, disaster recovery

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There are 8 Corporate Competencies that we have identified as essential to an optimal business continuity program (BCP). The first 7 address the key behaviors of the BC program. The 8th Corporate Competency, Program Content, addresses how your organization implements the 4 central disciplines of business continuity:

  1. Incident Management - Emergency & Crisis Management
  2. Security Management - Physical & Cyber Security
  3. Technology Recovery - IT Disaster Recovery + other critical asset recovery
  4. Business Continuity (BC) or Continuity of Operations


Each Corporate Competency categorizes a critical business/operational characteristic of an organization’s ability to create a sustainable business continuity program.

Let’s have a little fun & discuss them as 8 Corporate Incompetencies.  

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10 rookie mistakes when building a sustainable resilience program

[fa icon="calendar'] May 26, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Scott Ream posted in organizational resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery

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Whether you are starting a program ‘from scratch’ or seeking to re-energize a program that may have lost some of its original focus, there are a few common pitfalls you should be aware of and seek to avoid. The goal is to create a successful business continuity management program that is objective, consistent & repeatable.

Your piece of the ‘resilience program’ may include one, several, or all of the following disciplines: IT disaster recovery, business continuity, emergency management, crisis management, site or operations risk management, and possibly other related activities. 

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